Coaching Women Who Want It All

by Alexandra McAllister on January 19, 2014

Coaching Women Who Want It All – Healthy Lifestyle, Youthfulness, Vitality And Build A Successful Online Business

coaching women who want it all

Have you ever asked yourself, "What happened to my dreams and the "joie de vivre" I used to have? How did I end up HERE?"  I know I have!

It's true, "shift happens…" everywhere – our body, financially, health, relationships…the list goes on.

We do, however, have a choice.

Either we accept it OR we stand up, brush ourselves off and start over! Never, ever give up!



Below, I will share 3 opportunities that have changed my life for the better. I believe we should diversify and not put all our eggs in one basket.

  • Daily Marketing Coach – It provides step-by-step professional business training, live coaching, webinars, videos, workshops and support! Priceless! And it's affordable! 
  • DS Domination - Get the scoop about this incredible eBay "loophole" that allows anyone to make $100-300/day by "flipping" Amazon products on eBay! You’ve NEVER seen eBay done like this before! The bonus is that everyone who joins us, automatically becomes eligible to be in our private Renegade Domination group – hosted by Ann Sieg of Daily Marketing Coach!
  • Organo Gold Coffee - Offering coffee, tea, personal care products and nutraceuticals  – all infused with Ganoderma, which has helped improve my health and wellness.

These is my perfect combination. I previously had challenges and with time and patience, I was able to discover what worked for me…and many others on my team.

Now, can you identify with any of the following?

  • Money is tight.  Making ends meet is a struggle.
  • It's a struggle to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Wrinkles and laugh lines magically appear.
  • Your home business is not profitable OR
  • You'd like to start a home business but have no idea how too.
  • You're feeling overwhelmed, tired and stressed out.

Sound familiar?  There is a way to get back on track!  I found it and coaching women who want it all is now my passion.

This is what I suggest: list your goals, prioritize and then follow through.

coaching women who want it all I've always believed that "Health is wealth…the rest was just icing on the cake!"  Health was my prority. Think about it and determine what's yours.

I researched untill I found a trusted company that offered products that could help improve and enhance my health. After several weeks, I was amazed! My BP was normal, I lost a few pounds, had more energy and my skin was radiant!

It was at this point that I decided to become a distributor. This incredible company is Organo Gold! Who knew that drinking coffee, tea, hot chocolate could be so good for you.

Organo Gold recently launched an exclusive Coffee Connoisseur Club where our retail customers earn rewards and discounts. Fabulous!  Watch this short video for details.

The first step was in progress…."Health is wealth." Now for "the icing on the cake!"  How do I brand this new business? Perhaps, you may asking yourself the same question.  You may have a business already but it's not working the way you expected or you're brand new and not sure how to start.

Again, I researched and a dear friend highly recommended a Direct Business Sales Training Program, called Direct Marketing Coach. It provides step-by-step professional business training, live coaching, webinars, videos, workshops and support! Priceless! And it's affordable! 

I invite you to take 3 minutes to watch the video below, by Ann Sieg of Daily Marketing Coach.  It will provide insight on how Daily Marketing Coach can help you and your business. 

It's only 3 minutes…well worth every second!



Click Here To Acquire An Exclusive Membership to Ann Sieg's Private

Daily Marketing Coach Training

It's ONLY $9.97 for the first month!!


LAST BUT NOT LEAST! I had heard about DS Domination, for a while ….

coaching women who want it all


It wasn't until my coach and mentor, Ann Sieg of Daily Marketing Coach, joined and then created her own private Renegade Domination team, that I decided to join. 

Many start earning $$$ within the first 48 hours!



In our Renegade Domination group you'll receive training, support, daily guidance, peer feedbck and accountability coaching, marketing, training and more….all for FREE! 

That's it in a nutshell! :)   Do you want it all? It's never too late to reset your goals and unleash your inner Sassy!  I'd love for us to work together. Fill in the form below. I'll be in touch with you soon! 

To health, wealth and happiness!

coaching women who want it all








Alexandra McAllister


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