What often begins as a gloomy story of loss, heartache and suffering, the debut of many tales outline the chaos and trials that beset even the greatest of heroes.

Perhaps less documented, but often equally tragic, are the trials and hardships that plague you and those you care about most.

And we don’t have super powers to fall back on.

Or do we?

Perhaps it’d be wise to begin this conversation with a thought provoking notion that the problem with failures and difficulties is that we believe we shouldn’t have them.

In times of desperation, we can find ourselves falling short, contrary to our best efforts. Even in times of greatest need, we’ve failed not only ourselves, but others.

Reduced on many levels to shells of who we believed ourselves to be, we stare into a mirror with our fiercest critic.

Mere mortals struggling, failing, giving in, giving up.

If you were told that it’s in these harrowing hours of defeat and self-doubt that you’d be forging a powerful, unstoppable, competent, confident YOU, capable of anything, would you see these times of trouble as anything less than a blessing?

Trouble is a gift. Problems unlock your super power.

Being tested beyond your capability and being pushed past your comfort zone into unknown adventures is the universe’s design that tears off the cocoon, revealing a new, more glorious creature entirely.

Only after being tried and pulverized into dust can you be remade.If not for adversity or change, what would be the necessity of growth and development?

There is a FENIX that lives within each and every one of us that demands of us to experience misfortune, to fight back and to lose.

We must feel that anguish that comes with loss, to have walked with our heads held low so we’ll do all in our power to prepare to never feel this way again.

Disappointed, disheartened, we have two choices.

Quit. Remain low and face the next challenge in weakness and ineptitude.

The unresolved issues will mount and new ones will seek you out.

Or you can, like the unconquerable PHOENIX arise from the dust, an improved and dedicated warrior- recommitted to learning and growing, determined to RISE against all odds and finding ways to keep moving forward regardless of the struggles that will assuredly come.

The Rise of the Fenix, the new you, is a lifetime of innumerable beginnings.

You’re the superhero in your own tale; today, tomorrow and until you breath your last, YOU WILL RISE.

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Wishing you all the very best that life has to offer! Happy New Year 2017!

Alexandra McAllister

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