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What Sets ORGANO™ FENIX XT™ Apart from Other Energy Drinks


What Sets ORGANO™ FENIX XT™ Apart from Other Energy Drinks

Mainstream energy drinks have an image problem. They have too much sugar. Too much caffeine. They have even been linked to heart problems! But not all energy drinks are created equal. ORGANO™FENIX XT™ is the new way to enjoy an energy drink — with less sugar, less caffeine, and more healthy ingredients.

So how is FENIX XT™ different from mainstream energy drinks? Let us count the ways:

1.  Less sugar. The main culprit of bad health in mainstream energy drinks is the ridiculous amounts of sugar. FENIX XT™ only has 5 grams of added sugar. That’s less than a glass of orange juice and much less than many sugary energy drinks that can contain more than 80 grams of sugar.

2.  Less caffeine. A serving of FENIX XT™ has 100 mg of caffeine. That’s equivalent to about ⅔ of one cup of coffee. In one study, researchers found energy drinks with as much as 242 mg in a serving — with many energy drinks containing more than one serving in a can or bottle.

3.  Arginine. This amino acid helps regulate nitrogen levels in the muscles to support rigorous activity.

4.  Rhodiola. A secret of Olympic athletes for years, rhodiola is believed to enhance endurance.

5.  Vitamins. FENIX XT™ has a healthy dose of B Vitamins and Vitamin C to help boost your immune system and fight free radicals from exercise and the environment.

6.  Convenient delivery system. FENIX XT™ is packaged into convenient sachets rather than canned. This means you could have multiple servings at home, work, or in your gym bag without hauling around heavy cans. Just mix with water or your favorite beverage and enjoy!

7.  Ganoderma lucidum. This magical mushroom is the secret powerhouse behind many of the ORGANO™ products. Ganoderma has been used by centuries because of the health benefits of its unique amino acids and triterpenoids.

Already with less sugar and caffeine, FENIX XT™ sets itself apart from other energy drinks by delivering even more. With the list of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids this energy drink has raised the bar for the industry. It will deliver long lasting energy without the crash that comes from overconsumption of sugar and caffeine.

Added bonus, it’s delicious! FENIX XT™ comes in a mango peach flavor that’s yummy without being too sweet. 

Click here: ORGANO™ FENIX XT™ to purchase this product! 

Have an awesome day and keep healthy!

Alexandra McAllister



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