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YOU Can Reach Your Healthy Goal Weight


Easy Steps To Follow To Reach Your Healthy Goal Weight

I believe that anyone who wants to be healthier, can do it!  Yes, YOU! You can reach your healthy goal weight! 

Unless your doctor says you should not change your eating regime and exercise, then YOU can do this.  It is always recommended to visit your family doctor before beginning a change in eating habits and exercising.  Best to be safe!

Having a goal in mind, is the first thing.  Being "skinny" is not a healthy goal. I wanted to know my body fat percentage and bone density. If accuracy is important to you, have your doctor refer you for a DEXA scan – it will give you your lean muscle mass, bodyfat percentage and your bone density.  From there, you and your doctor can calculate what is your ideal healthy body weight. That is Step #1.

Step #2 is to have a plan.  We all know that eating healthy and exercise are important. The "secret" is to find what you're comfortable with. Some questions to help you with your plan:  Do you prefer having 3 meals or several meals per day?  Would you replace a meal with a healthy shake? How much time are you willing to dedicate to exercising? 

Once you've figured out what you know you can handle, Step #3 is to establish your system.  I'd suggest having your meals planned out in advance.  The same goes for your exercise.  Determine how many times per week you'll exercise and stick to it.  No excuses!

Now, this sounds easy enough, right?  Well, it is, yet it isn't.  If I may, let me share with you what I did to accomplish this.  Are you ready?

Reaching A Healthy Goal Weight is Simple…

My results from the DEXA scan were NOT good.  I had to shed 20-25 lbs. and I had a high body fat content. I liked to eat but smaller meals several times per day.   I purchased a weight scale that showed body fat and water content.  Mind you, this is not as assurate as a DEXA scan but it gave me an idea on how I was doing, week to week.

When it came to food, a friend shared a link to a free healthy eating plan. You must, however, eat a lot! So, for folks who love a variety of meals and lots of it, this is perfect!  It also has a menu plan that is gluten free and dairy free. IF you'd like the link to this free healthy eating plan, send me a private message on facebook.

This particular plan was way too much food for me so I'd replace one meal with a shake.  Being an affiliate with Organo Gold, which offers a variety of beverages and body management products, this was simple, convenient and very tasty!

My exercise was 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes on the elliptical. A month ater, I was able to bring it up to one hour on each machine.  Within 3 – 4 months, I achieved my healthy goal weight BUT my body fat content was still high. 

All that extra exercise was great for cardio but didn't do enough to lower my body fat or strenghten my muscles.  I needed to step it up! That meant working out with light and heavier dumbbells, a resistance band, yoga mat and a very good pair of sneakers!

Organo Gold also shares an Exercise Program. I followed that and replaced 1 or 2 meals, with an OGX FENIX shake. 

I found additional exercises online and concentrated on parts of my body that needed the most improvement.  I, personally, get bored quickly so variation is a good thing.  

That's it!  The weight loss wasn't a piece of cake…yet not that difficult once I put my mind to it! I know you can too.  The workouts were more of a challenge but oh so worth it!  

Results Of Healthier Eating & Workouts

Now, 3 months of healthier eating and extreme workouts, I am thrilled at the results I've achieved. My body fat is down by 8%.  I've lost several inches around my waist and hips…not that I want to brag BUT it's been years since my waist was at 29" & hips at 39"!   

Oh, also my "bat wings" are almost gone…you know, that flab under the arms! I've maintained my healthy goal weight. I have a "tighter" body…better than before…still have a ways to go. 

Taken today, this is me in an old pair of jeans I used to wear, before I gained weight and became a size 12-14.  These are size 8 and now they're too big! Again, size wasn't the goal! It was a healthier body!


Achieving this wasn't that complicated.  With a goal in mind, a plan and a system, YOU can do it! If you have any questions, you can reach out to me on facebook.  I'd love to hear from you.

I'll continue to update my journey.  It will be a challenge the next 2 months as I'm going in for cataract surgery next week and then another in a month.  I won't be able to exercise for 2-3 weeks after each surgery.  AAUGH!  Perhaps, I'll be walking…a lot! 

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Cheers to a healthy and happy life!

Alexandra McAllister